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Welcome To The Halle OBrien CIC

The Heart of the Ford Community

Inspiring Kids to Grow

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We’re a non-profit organisation dedicated to encouraging children to follow their chosen direction and nurture their natural ability, without a lack of finances holding them back. We aim to help fund children's academic and social development when families are struggling with the cost of extra school activities.


The Halle OBrien CIC was created in memory of a very special young lady whose life ended too soon, before she had a chance to do all the good she could have done in this world. After losing Halle in 2019 to a rare type of meningitis, her mum and family poured their energy into creating a legacy that Halle would be proud of.  

What We Do

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You Can Help Us To Deliver Better Outcomes For Young People

Supporting And Empowering  Young People In Merseyside

We believe that Halle’s love for learning through extracurricular activities helped her to become the strong independent woman that she became, and we feel that every child should be offered such opportunities. Our mission is to inspire kids to grow. 


We don’t feel that a child should miss out on following their dreams, or developing their natural abilities because their family can’t afford to pay. That’s why we offer funding which can help children from disadvantaged backgrounds to access after school activities. 


Already since we formed Halle's fund we have supported many children, both through individual support, and also through third parties such as schools and club leaders who have referred young people who would benefit from our support. 


We feel honoured to have sponsored GB competitors who have won many medals, and supported local football teams and dance troupes. By helping these teams out we know we are helping more families to be able to access extra curricular activities without the financial burden. 


During the holidays we put on workshops for the children to attend, and to broaden their skills with local teachers in sewing, yoga, cookery and many more. The kids have a great time learning new things in a safe and supportive environment, with no extra costs to the families.


Halle's Hub

Halle’s Hub, our welcoming pre-loved shop and cafe is based in Ford Lane Community Centre in Litherland. It’s a community space where everyone is welcome to drop in to shop, chat, enjoy a brew, access support, and to get involved in the various events and activities that take place there.


This is our main source of fundraising, which in turn helps us to support more local young people. Our shop offers a wide range of quality pre-loved goods which not only helps us to raise money for our projects, but also helps families to access cost efficient items when money is tight, and it reduces the amount of goods ending up in landfill!

Support Our Work

We couldn’t do what we do without the generous support of people like you. Whether you buy from the shop, donate goods, or you would like to do some fundraising for us, we are always incredibly grateful.


We also do crazy things like abseils, skydives, and sponsored danceathons. You name it, we will try it. Any ideas welcome, please send them to us.


If you would like to support the work we do, drop in to the hub or get in touch.

The founders and driving forces behind The Halle OBrien CIC are Halle’s mum Heather Evans, Heather’s mum June Russell, and Halle’s family. They took their grief at losing Halle, and turned it into a force for good. 


For their tireless efforts to build a legacy that honours Halle’s memory, and all of the work they have done to improve the lives of local children, Heather and June were jointly awarded the title of Merseyside Woman of the Year 2023.

The People Behind The Hub


Heather Evans


June Russell

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